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Arranging singers in rehearsals and performances
by Harold Rosenbaum for Vocal Area Network
Posted December 22, 2007

Harold RosenbaumThe most ideal arrangement of singers, in both rehearsals and performances, is to have curved rows. This would best allow those on the ends to sing somewhat towards each other, and to hear those on the other side of the group a bit easier. Hearing each other during rehearsals and performances is essential. It creates a more interactive choir, which produces better intonation, and more uniform diction, phrasing and dynamics, among other things. If your rehearsal space does not allow for any curvature in the seating arrangement, try to find another location. If you are stuck with fixed rows or chairs, try to set up folding chairs in the aisles or on the sides, so that some curvature results. If there are no extra chairs, have the singers use more rows than they normally would, thus compressing the choir into a more centralized block. The sound will be more compact, and they will more easily hear each other.

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