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Harold Rosenbaum previews the New York Virtuoso Singers April 26 concert
by Harold Rosenbaum for Vocal Area Network
Posted April 20, 2009

Harold RosenbaumOn Sunday, April 26, at 3 PM at St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church, 87th Street off West End Avenue, I will have one of the most shattering and profound experiences in my 36-year conducting career. I am certain of this, having once before conducted Francis Poulenc's graphic anti-war choral masterpiece Figure Humaine with my all-professional choir The New York Virtuoso Singers.

Among the vast repertoire of choral works written over many centuries, there are an elite few which are universally known and accepted as towering masterpieces. These transcendent works are the ones which elevate us, astound us, and catapult us into a realm far beyond that of our everyday lives. Bach's Mass in B Minor transports us into an elevated state which affords us a glimpse of perfect order. Whereas Beethoven's Missa Solemnis holds us hostage on a journey so unpredictable and terrifying that we beg for release, his Ninth Symphony soars high above the mountaintops