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Fauré into jazz
by Leslie Kandell for Vocal Area Network
Posted October 4, 2005

Daniel Neer and Claudia HommelIf by chance Daniel Neer had not perceived unexpected forks in his church-singer's yellow brick road, he's found out about them now, as his church/synagogue service schedule gets worked around his new club act and recording called The Jazz Fauré Project. And in truth, nearly everyone would be brought up short by that title--till they've heard "Les Roses d'Ispahan" recreated as a bossa nova duet with jazz piano combo. Or "Mandoline" reinvented as a beguine, to be contemplated while dancing around the room. But as Daniel describes the concerts to be performed October 13 at The Triad, and October 16 at the Detour Jazz Club, "The arrangement is where the difference is."

The Jazz Fauré Project, still in process, consists of songs arranged (note for note) for two vocalists (Daniel and the Chicago-based cabaret singer Claudia Hommel) plus bass, winds, drums and piano, arranged by Dennis Luxion, the francophile who was a pianist for the late jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. 

So far they have morphed 17 songs into pop and jazz modes, to be rotated so any 10 can be sung at any concert. The long-range goal is to arra