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New Choral Consortium Explores Common Ground
by Christine Hoffman for Vocal Area Network
Posted September 26, 2003

Choral Consortium meeting 9/13/2003A recent insurance study finds that 71% of drivers sing while they are in the car. Chorus America reports that as many as 28.5 million people sing in about 250,000 choruses nationwide. According to Vocal Area Network’s Choir Directory, there are about 150 choruses in the five boroughs of New York City alone. It would seem natural, then, that an initiative to raise the collective consciousness in the metropolitan area regarding organized singing would find fertile ground. On Saturday, September 13, 55 representatives of 37 of these New York City choruses met to begin to explore ways to work on areas of interest and concern faced by choral groups in the Big Apple.

A kernel of the new consortium, organized by Jack Daly Goodwin, Music Director of the New York Choral Society, was gathered over the summer to discuss the common problem faced by the large choruses upon the merger of Carnegie Hall and the New York Philharmonic. Constituents quickly realized they had more diverse issues in common than the "Carnegie Hall Problem" and discussed the possibility of continuing a formal alliance of some kind. Goodwin