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East meets West: An interview with composer Nikolai Kachanov,
Artistic Director, Russian Chamber Chorus of New York

by Larry Weller for Vocal Area Network
Posted February 19, 2004

Nicholas Roerich with Guga Chohan, with permission of the Roerich Museum in NYCIn May of 2003, the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York (RCCNY) presented its program "Mystical Journey" encompassing music from Gregorian and Znamenny chant through new compositions by Artistic Director Nikolai Kachanov. The sold-out concerts were met with significant acclaim and many requests for CDs, so much so that RCCNY arranged its 2003-2004 season to permit studio recording and a repeat performance of the highlights of the program with an expanded section of early music, on Sunday, March 14, 2004.

Larry Weller caught up with Nikolai Kachanov for an update on this project.

Vocal Area Network: First of all, congratulations on the success of your compositions and the success of your program. Although New York City retains a number of staunch supporters of new music, it is still a great relief and inspiration for all of us when new music is warmly and enthusiastically received by a wide audience resu