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Russian Chamber Chorus of New York performs Russian folk songs
by Nikolai Kachanov for Vocal Area Network
Posted June 7, 2009

Russian Chamber Chorus of New YorkThe Russian Chamber Chorus of New York invites the New York community to celebrate the Russian folk song, in two upcoming concerts: Sunday, June 7, at 3:30 PM at St. Joseph's Church in Greenwich Village and Wednesday, June 10, at 8:00 PM at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

According to a Russian expression, folk songs reflect the country's soul. In these two concerts, the Russian Chamber Chorus performs a selection of songs that explore traditional Russian themes: histories, weddings, dances, jokes and more. The origin of the Russian folk song is twofold. The "lyrical song" was composed by city-dwellers to the texts of Russian writers or famous poets, and was usually sung solo, with a guitar. The earliest recordings of lyrical songs date from the 18th century and their primary theme is love. Some of these songs gained such popularity that they were appropriated by the masses and became "folk" or choral songs, with the names  of their original composers forgotten.

The second major source of Russian musical folklore is the village song which was always created by the villagers themselves. The great variety of Russian village song genres reflects the lives of those who sang them. There are songs for harvesti