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St. Joseph's Singers present "Sequestered Places"
by Stephen Black for Vocal Area Network
Posted November 11, 2006

Image from the premiere production of Darkling, March 2006There are many concerts in New York City each weekend to choose from, and often quite a few concerts featuring new music. Most new music concerts are organized by performances of the music of a single composer, or by genre (i.e. sacred or secular, music for theater, etc). This applies to vocal music concerts as well as purely instrumental concerts. However, occasionally there is a new music vocal concert in which the pieces on the program are organized according to a common textual theme. This is arguably the most difficult method of organizing a concert, and only a handful of choral conductors in New York City have received critical acclaim for this ability. They include Clara Longstreth, conductor of the New Amsterdam Singers, Mark Shapiro, conductor of Cantori, and Harold Rosenbaum, conductor of Canticum Novum and the New York Virtuoso Singers.

The St. Joseph's Singers adventurous concert on Sunday, November 12 is an hour-long exploration of new music, and the title of the program, "Sequestered Places," reflects the theme of the concert. The program, conducted by Musi