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Securing the elusive second performance:
composers and ensembles working together to promote new music

by J.P. Poplawski for Vocal Area Network
Posted August 15, 2008

Deborah Simpkin KingPerforming ensembles all over the world cherish the impact that programming a world premiere can have on artists and audiences alike. When the music is good, there are serious artistic reasons for the promulgation of new and contemporary works. Moreover, it is hard to deny the special marketing appeal associated with the very first performance of a work. But, far too often, even premieres that present works of fine quality may be destined to become so-called "one-hit wonders." Groups may shy away from contemporary works that others have premiered, especially when they are formidable. Too, they no longer have the "new car smell" that a world premiere designation can impart. Composers, for their own part, realize the value of their artistic contributions and do not desire to forsake style in order to receive more performances. Yet, they naturally want to expose as vast an audience as possible to their music. While the implications can be frustrating, there remains a pot