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St. Joseph's Singers celebrates nighttime in debut season finale
by Stephen Black for Vocal Area Network
Posted May 3, 2005

Stephen BlackOn Sunday, May 8 at 8:00 PM, St. Joseph's Singers will finish its first full concert season with a program exploring and celebrating nighttime. It has been a rewarding and revelatory year for all of us who have participated in this new endeavor. As with any fledgling undertaking there have been some challenges, but the highlights and achievements have far outweighed them.

St. Joseph's Singers is a group made up of around twenty trained amateur singers. Some are young and have professional aspirations to be performing vocalists. Some have conservatory degrees. Almost all of the singers are involved with at least one other choral group, either as a conductor or as a singer. The group is actually an outgrowth of a project that I completed as part of my doctoral work at the Yale School of Music. I was required to present a full-length recital, using resources outside the School of Music. Those familiar with the Yale Doctor of Musical Arts program know that there is an extensive period in which the candidates must prove their mettle in the professional per