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Summer’s here; time for a Vocal Area Network (www.van.org) update.

In this note

A word of thanks

First of all, thanks to all who have contributed information and listings to the Vocal Area Network web site over the past season. (Thanks, too, to those who’ve already sent in material for the upcoming season.) Judging by your positive comments (see www.van.org/feedbackhighlights.htm for samples), VAN’s information-sharing services are clearly valued by the New York area vocal ensemble community (singers, groups and their audiences). We’re proud of the quantity and quality of the information we offer, and we couldn’t deliver it nearly as well without your ongoing participation.

Update on VAN offerings

The VAN Concert Calendar (www.van.org/vancal.htm) listed 535 vocal ensemble events in the New York metropolitan area between July 1, 1999 and June 30, 2000. That’s 65% more than we listed in the previous year. We’ve already corralled a bunch of listings for the 2000-2001 season. People who want to find concerts involving singers know that the VAN Concert Calendar is the best place to find them, uncluttered by all the other worthy (but distracting) cultural events going on about town.

The Choir Directory made its debut in December, 1999 and currently lists 140 choral organizations. Web sites, rehearsal night and neighborhood, size, director, contact information, links to the Choir Auditions page—it’s all there in the directory, making it easy for choral singers to find the group of their dreams. In June, 2000, we introduced Choirs by Night (www.van.org/choirsbynight.htm), a companion to the Choir Directory that lists choirs by the nights on which they rehearse. We encourage you to check your group’s listing in the Choir Directory and send us additions, corrections and updates.

Recruiting singers? Your group should have (and keep updated) an ad on our Choir Auditions Page. Currently, 79 groups are represented here. Sure, you can still take out an expensive, tiny ad in The New York Times that runs once or twice and then disappears. Or, you can post an ad for free on the Choir Auditions Page that keeps your group’s name in the minds of potential singing members throughout the year.

Our Info Exchange (www.van.org/infoexch.htm) features postings from groups and individuals looking to make singing connections and from parties offering services and employment opportunities.

And our Links Collection (www.van.org/links.htm) continues to add new resources of interest. Some recent adds: The Silvis "Woods