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Exposing the Tiffany Consort
by Elisabeth Avery for Vocal Area Network
Posted August 15, 2006

Tiffany Consort logoIn a year shouting "newsworthy," it would seem that Tiffany Consort would have had enough exposure: a 2006 Grammy nomination for its first CD O Magnum Mysterium; three significant grants from NYSCA, Con Edison and the Florence Gould Foundation; a glorious new home at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church on the Upper West Side; a fall release of the group's second CD;  and a pre-season commemorative concert on 9/11. However, while appreciated, these milestones are not the exposure Tiffany Consort members crave most. They thrive on the exposure that comes from singing virtuosic music one-voice-to-a-part.

Depending upon your experience, chops and tolerance for extreme sports, singing solo lines in an ensemble is either the closest thing to nirvana or akin to a certain Descent into Hell (which most of us have experienced at some point in our performance careers). For the Tiffs, this level of vocal challenge is their life's blood and their trademark style.

Recently I asked founder/director Nicholas White what it takes for singers to achieve and sustain this