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Not your usual summer choral program
by Holly Phares and Paulo Faustini for Vocal Area Network
Posted January 2, 2006

Umbrian SerenadesThe day begins with a steaming, frothy cup of cappuccino, accompanied by fresh baked Italian pastries and an assortment of fresh fruit offerings, as you sit in the sunny breakfast room of your hotel studying your music for rehearsal, which begins in an hour. After breakfast, you walk through the winding cobblestone streets to your rehearsal space, in a rather unassuming 13th century "palazzo." Yet once inside, you are astounded at the collection of art that greets you -- a collection of which is reputed to be one of the finest in the region. This unassuming palazzo, converted into an art museum in the late 90s, serves for a few brief hours a day from July 30th to August. 8th as the central rehearsal space for the Umbrian Serenades choir. To come together each day to sing beautiful a cappella choral repertoire amongst such historical pieces of art is just one of the many unique components of an exciting new summer choral/cultural program taking place this coming summer in Spoleto, Italy.

Many people know of Spoleto as the home of the world-famous arts festival,