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A life-changing summer choral and cultural program in the Green Heart of Italy
by Holly Phares and Paulo Faustini for Vocal Area Network
Posted December 22, 2006

Umbrian Serenades"You said this experience would change my life….and you were right!", remarked Glenn Ferguson, a tenor from the Philadelphia area, upon his return from living as an "artist in residence" in the mystical Umbrian region of Italy, singing a cappella chamber music in extraordinary sacred spaces. Glenn was amongst a group of enthusiastic choral singers and "non-singing travel companions" from all over the U.S. who participated in Umbrian Serenades, a new and unique choral and cultural program for amateur choral singers.

Umbrian Serenades is the "dream child" of both Holly Phares and Paulo Faustini, two passionate and seasoned professional singer/conductor/teachers from Philadelphia, with a 24-year history of performing in the region. They have created this "off-the-beaten path" experience in the "Green Heart of Italy" for singers to have the rare opportunity to sing a cappella vocal chamber music in remarkable sacred spaces with varying acoustics, while a