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My transformation into an Umbrian Serenader: a choral singerís perspective
by Charles Lee Harp, Jr. for Vocal Area Network
Posted October 14, 2007

Umbrian Serenades 2007As a seasoned baritone in Singing City, one of Philadelphia's premiere choruses, I have been seated throughout my tenure deep in the security of a very solid baritone and bass section, with a voice that I thought had no further potential. Therefore I was intrigued by the opportunity to improve my singing by auditioning for a spot in the Umbrian Serenades select chamber choir to sing in their annual summer program in Spoleto, Italy.

Let's face it. I was also enticed by other blandishments Umbrian Serenades offered--12 days in an enchanting medieval hill town, wine tasting, cheese tasting, meals in restaurants well known to the Umbrian Serenades founders, and deep immersion into the culture of that unique region in the heart of Italy.

Happily, I passed the audition and persuaded my wife to join me. She was a little hesitant, wondering what she would do when I was in ensemble rehearsals in the morning, or participating in afternoon classes, including Vocal Awareness, Sight-singing and other choral "tastings" that were mentioned