Matthew at home (2000-2-10)
February 10
Matthew Ezra Siegmund Friedman
Raziel Mordechai ben Simcha v'Gilah
Birth to April, 2000

Son of Steve Friedman and Julie Siegmund
Born February 8, 2000, 9:27 PM (ET)
7 pounds, 6 ounces
20.75 inches
The Birthing Center, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
New York, NY
March 10: 9 pounds, 2.5 ounces; 22.25 inches
April 10: 11 pounds, 6 ounces; 23 inches
May 8: 13 pounds, 3 ounces; 24.5 inches
June 8: 15 pounds, 12 ounces; 25.5 inches
August 9: 17 pounds 12 ounces; 27.5 inches
October 11: 18 pounds, 6 ounces; 28.5 inches
December 6: 18 pounds, 14 ounces; 29 inches
February 12, 2001: 19 pounds, 13 ounces; 30 inches

More recent pictures

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In the swing of things.
Early April (24 kb)
In the swing of things "Dad, where's the remote control?"
Early April (28 kb)
Sitting on the couch
"C'mon, Mom, look at the camera."
Early April (32 kb)
Head to head with Mom Boy, this is the way to travel.
Early April (35 kb)
Happy in the sling
On the bed with Mom.
Early April (19 kb)
On the bed with Mom Playing on the Gymini.
Early April (32 kb)
On the Gymini
Country life agrees with Seņor Cuteness.
Early April (36 kb)
With Dad on the deck In Mom's arms.
March 13 (37 kb)
Seņor Cuteness
With Karen
and daughter Juliette.
March 12 (32 kb)
With Karen and Juliette Visiting with Karen.
March 12 (25 kb)
With Karen
Cute frogs.
March 12 (30 kb)
In the red frogs Hey, this stuff is
hard work.
February 27 (24 kb)
Julie and Matthew asleep
Sleeping cutie.
February 26 (36 kb)
Matthew asleep Father and son take a break together.
February 26 (34 kb)
Steve and Matthew
Mother and son.
February 26 (12 kb)
Julie and Matthew Risa rocks.
February 20 (36 kb)
Risa and Matthew
Pam meets Matthew.
February 17 (43 kb)
Matthew with Pam and Julie Matthew with the extended family.
February 16 (31 kb)
The extended family
with his favorite women.
February 16 (35 kb)
Matthew and the women Aunt Stef holds Matthew for the first time.
February 16 (29 kb)
With Stef
With Doda Ruti.
February 16 (28 kb)
With Ruth Dan and Olivia, acting as kvatter and kvatterin, prepare to deliver Matthew to the mohel.
February 16 (46 kb)
Kvatter and kvatterin
All wrapped and ready
for the bris.
February 16 (28 kb)
Before his bris Future NFL referee?
February 15 (47 kb)
Matthew awake
First neighborhood tour.
February 15 (31 kb)
Neighborhood tour Taking the stroller out
for a test drive
February 15 (38 kb)
Stroller test drive
Matthew with Roma
February 14 (38 kb)
Matthew with Roma Matthew test drives his bouncer seat.
February 14 (43 kb)
In the bouncer seat
Matthew enjoys (really!) his first bath.
February 13 (32 kb)
First bath Steve feeds Matthew while mom's off duty.
February 13 (28 kb)
Steve feeding Matthew
Grandma Joanne kvells.
February 13 (24 kb)
Joanne and Matthew Grandpa Fred enjoys
his grandson.
February 13 (44 kb)
Fred and Matthew
Matthew at work.
February 13 (27 kb)
Matthew asleep Sharing a laugh
with Aunt Nan.
February 12 (25 kb)
Matthew and Nan
Mmmm, comfy lap.
February 12 (27 kb)
Asleep on mom's arm Sleeping baby,
happy mom.

February 12 (38 kb)
Asleep on mom
First Shabbat dinner.
February 11 (34 kb)
First shabbat dinner Sherry and Matthew.
February 11 (26 kb)
Sherry Smart with Matthew
Matthew meets
his first playmate:
Anna Rose,
with mom Ellen.
February 11 (18 kb)
Matthew with Steve, Annie with Ellen Matthew with
Aunt Karen.
February 10 (27 kb)
Matthew and Karen
Matthew at home.
February 10 (28 kb)
Matthew at home (2000-2-10) The happy family: Julie, Steve and Matthew in
The Birthing Center.
February 9 (44 kb)
Julie, Steve and Matthew (2000-2-9)
Happy daddy, alert baby.
February 9 (22 kb)
Steve and Matthew Grandpa Fred
meets Matthew in
The Birthing Center.
February 9 (36 kb)
Grandpa Fred, Steve and Matthew
Grandpa Al
meets Matthew in
The Birthing Center.
February 9 (48 kb)
Matthew and Al (2000-2-9) Julie and Matthew
shortly after his birth.
February 8, 2000 (24 kb)
Julie and Matthew (2000-2-8)

More recent pictures

Julie's distinctive necklaces and earrings of vintage beads and silver can be enjoyed at the
Carnelian Knoll web site.

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