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Q: Why sustaining memberships? Item added 3/20/01
Item revised 4/12/01

A: Sustaining memberships offer a way for those who derive value from the content of a web site to voluntarily assist in the upkeep of the site. And they help generate sustaining revenue without having to resort to fees, subscriptions or other off-putting methods.

Q: Who can be a VAN Sustaining Member? Item added 3/20/01
Item revised 4/12/01

A: Anyone--an individual, a group of friends, a small ensemble, a large choir, even a company--can be a VAN Sustaining Member. Send a note to our membership coordinator when you make your payment to tell us the name under which you'd like the sustaining membership listed, if it's different than that of the individual making the payment.

Q: How long does a sustaining membership last? Item added 4/12/01

A: Your status as a sustaining member will be maintained for one year from the date of your most recent payment.

Q: What costs do we help defray when we become sustaining members? Item added 3/20/01
Item revised 4/12/01

A: Site development, site maintenance and staff time are the principal costs. Currently, our principal web guy's time has gone uncompensated (in the monetary sense), and that worries his wife and